Hello! We are Frank&Robbert / Robbert&Frank

10 years ago Robbert met Frank, and Frank met Robbert. They were destined to become Robbert&Frank also known as Frank&Robbert, an artists duo based in Ghent, Belgium.

Visual Arts

Frank&Robbert / Robbert&Frank make installations, sculptures, 2D prints, paintings and soon 3D prints.


Robbert&Frank / Frank&Robbert make theater pieces in which they explore a colorful visual play world.


Frank&Robbert / Robbert&Frank make video art. Making video is their way to contemplate on a visual level.


Robbert&Frank / Frank&Robbert make connections. Making art as a way to explore and interact with the world.

Our Latest Projects



Frank&Robbert / Robbert&Frank are co founders of the non-profit organization PORT ACTIF.
check portactif.com for more info.

Supports video art internationally.

Is a gateway for international networking.

Has a preference for artists that work interdisciplinary. Or express the need to question their used ‘media’.

Organises screenings and exhibitions.

gives in-depth lectures and workshops.

Supports productions of the members with their shared connections, experience, and know-how.